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26th-Feb-2011 02:46 am(no subject)
Where: Hoover Hall 405
When: A few days after this
Who: Lilo and Nani
What: Sisterly bonding and revelations. Also Elvis

It was almost ridiculous how excited Nani was to spend quality time with Lilo. It had been so long since they had any sort of fun together, and she knew exactly how to make it perfect.

She struggled to haul a large box of records from under her bed. Nani lied when she told Lilo she'd found some records left at home; she'd found a whole box full. Most of their things had been destroyed in the Stitch fueled rampage in the first house, but this box somehow survived. It was going to be the best surprise ever.
22nd-Feb-2011 08:28 pm(no subject)
What: Time for some Valentines fluff with Beast and Belle
Where: Concert Hall
When Backdated to the evening of Feb 14
Who: Beast and Belle
Warnings: Dawing, fluffiness that could choke a Build a Bear similar scenes to the movie

Beast had spent weeks planning this event, calling on the help of Cogsworth to make it a reality. Thanks to Esmeralda, the duo had found the perfect spot for the evening: the concert hall.

Beast waited in the lobby, dressed in his finest clothes: pristine gray trousers, a snow-white, flowing shirt, a royal blue and gold jacket, and a soft ascot pinned down to the collar of his shirt by a gleaming gold pin. His fur had been washed and trimmed, his mane neatly pulled back into a ponytail. For being such a hideous and monstrous creature, he looked… dare anyone say handsome?

He stood tall, looking as confident as possible, though his nerves danced around his mind and body like thousands of ants.

Inside the lavish lobby was a long table, two intricately adorned chairs on either end, a feast waiting on it, candelabras glowing with a romantic ambiance. The chandeliers had been toned down, as to not be obnoxiously bright, allowing the table to be bathed in candlelight.

Everything looked perfect. Beast already knew the large instrument stage had already been cleared for dancing, the house looking immaculate as well. Cogsworth had been kind enough to set up the audio system to provide the music.

The only thing missing?

21st-Feb-2011 07:26 pm - Sun Party (Backdated to 2/15)
happy birthday to me
Where: Tavern in Traverse Town (Which... I believe ABC named but now I can't find that comment.)
When: The evening of February Fifteenth
Who: Kuzco and anyone else who might have seen his posts about the party and decided to attend. So. (OPEN).
What: The Sun Party! Or, the 'Kuzco-wants-everyone-to-quit-moping!' Party.
Warnings: ...I'm not sure yet. I'm going to throw up a warning for possible language and pg-13 level romantic content to be safe, possibly alcohol use? I did not think this part through... Um. I'll try to stay on top of everything else.

Well, if Kuzco did say so himself, the tavern looked pretty awesoem.Collapse )
21st-Feb-2011 01:56 am - Philosophy 101: "Truth"
do tell
What: Just another day of Philosophy 101.
Where: Academic building, Scar's classroom on the third floor.
Who: Scar and anyone enrolled in his class (though new students are invited to join!)
Warnings: Irritability.

"I'm sure each and every one of you have spent a great deal of time considering the question I posed to you some time back -- the subject of truth." Scar began class not a half-second before the final student had taken his seat. His tone didn't inspire much confidence, and in fact he fully expected no more than one or two of them to have given the matter much serious thought. Then again, they might not be capable of it. He should hold a Serious Thought 101 class. ...Or rather get another instructor to teach it.

"Today we will be discussing its intricacies. What is truth, and what steps do we take to create the truths that shape our reality? Does truth belong to the individual, or does it represent a greater network of meanings accepted by society? Your thoughts, if you would. Assuming you have any."

((This will be sort of a free for all post! Feel free to get into debates and discussions with your fellow students, and be as intellectually shallow or deep as you please. I'll be flitting in and out to facilitate discussion, but feel free to dive on in.))
19th-Feb-2011 01:24 am(no subject)
Where: Mozenrath's Lab
Who: Goliath, Mozenrath, and anyone who's brave enough to interfere.
What: Jasmine spilled the beans. Goliath is arresting Mozenrath. HILARITY ENSUES.

Can we call them the DAPD if only their boss is an actual cop?Collapse )
12th-Feb-2011 07:36 pm - Stargazing Party | ota
Amelia | Preoccupado.
Where: Roof of Hoover Hall.
Who: Amelia, and whoever feels like attending.
When: Later in the evening after her video announcement.
What: Stargazing party, the sky is clear. Also, Amelia pretty much confirming the fact she's Gregory House.
Warnings: None yet.

Supernovas my ass.Collapse )
11th-Feb-2011 12:37 pm - Introduction to Psychology, Day One
Where: Xaldin's classroom
Who: Xaldin and his students (and anyone who wants to peek in)
When: Backdated to first day of the semester
What: First day of class, meaning that the students get a first glimpse at the upcoming torment
Warnings: ...Does Xaldin count?

Get ready for the tormentCollapse )

[[OOC: Argh, sorry this took me so long. I had to find my syllabus to remember what's taught in intro, and I finally found it. =n= Feel free to start your own threads after the Introductions and the syllabus stuff.]]
10th-Feb-2011 02:10 pm - Dressing a rogue. [incomplete]
Where: Hoover Hall, 7th floor
When: After this.
Who: Tulio, Flynn and a "mystery guest"
What: Flynn needs a new uniform and Tulio knows where to get one without any fuss.
Warnings: Orgy Nudity, possible swearing, Flynn abuse.

This is actually a really bad idea.Collapse )
7th-Feb-2011 08:25 pm - Relapse - Locked to Chuckles
One mean sunnuva bear
Where: Behind one of the school buildings. (Preferably near a dumpster)
When: A while after this thread.
Who: Lotso and Chuckles
What: Lotso had managed to refrain from taking any physical action against his former friend since he'd come to the school.. but things have finally gone too far. He's not going to let Chuckles take away his second chance. In order to move forward, he's forced to solve this problem with his old method of choice- taking out the trash.
Warnings: Violence, anger, STUFFING.

You had your chance. Now let me have mine.Collapse )
5th-Feb-2011 12:48 am - Makeover party! (Open to all)
Where: Alana and Jasmine's dorm room
When: All afternoon, Feb. 5th
Who: Alana, and OPEN to anyone at the Academy who wants to drop in on a makeover party.
What: Makeovers galore
Warnings: ...makeovers?

Abandon hope all ye who enter here...hope of escaping without being introduced to some sort of beauty product, that is.Collapse )
singing in the rain
Where: Paris, France
When: early morning
Who: Frollo, Esmeralda, Arista, and Quasimodo
What: Rescuing Quasi from the Mist, whether he wants it or not.
Warnings: n/a

Here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame...Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2011 12:42 pm - Rescue || Closed to Rameses
A star is born!
Where: New Orleans
When: There’s too much destruction and distortion to tell the time of day.
Who: Lottie and Rameses
What: Rescuing Lottie from the Mist-induced nightmare
Warnings: Angst, drama, broken hearts, language, death

They're everywhere. There's no escape.Collapse )
Where: Radiant Garden in appearance...
When: Noon
Who: Ienzo "Zexion" Orosco, Aisling, Aqua, and Xigbar
What: Xigbar warned of a twisted nightmare from a child's skull, but maybe saving Zexion from a life he used to have will be all the more difficult...
Warnings: Drama, possible angst and equally possible mentions of horrific experiments. Oh, and watch out so you don't get gored by the majestic teal deer.

Enjoy your stay. Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2011 11:32 am - 002 || [Closed to Goliath]
Where: A Psychiatric Hospital Just Outside New York City (Maybe ...)
When: After Sunset
Who: Elisa and Goliath
What: Elisa is trapped in her worst nightmare. Goliath has been called to save her. The only problem? She’s currently under the impression that he’s some kind of hallucination.
Warnings: TL;DR? Angst? Drama? Interspecies Romance?

“Keep it together, Maza. It’s just another sunset. You can handle this.”Collapse )
1st-Feb-2011 03:38 pm - fill my little world // complete 8D
Who: Roxas & Axel, possibly Jane if she shows up
What: Roxas is stealing paint, because Axel told him to. Hm.
Where: The art room and surrounding... uh. Corridors.
When: After this.
Warnings: Copious amounts of colour everywhere.

show some love, you ain't so toughCollapse )
Yeah. don't think so
Who: Violet and Roxas (aka those two quiet and awkward kids); closed
What: Campus Tour~
Where: All over the school
When: Immediately after this
Warnings: Copious amounts of awkwardness and shyness. 
Kick it in drive and arrive at the mega martCollapse )

29th-Jan-2011 01:50 pm - GET READY TO RUMBLE
Who: Astrid, Rapunzel, whoever else shows up.
What: Weapons Club first meeting!
Where: On the quad near the botanical gardens.
When: Ahahahaha... right after the IC post

click for pure viking goodnessCollapse )
28th-Jan-2011 03:10 pm - dance lessons with dave.
let me think about that one
Where: (EVACUATE) The dance hall
When: Approximately 15 minutes after this thread!
Who: Dave and Jane
What: For some reason, Jane thinks Dave should teach her how to "dance." LOL

In which Dave has pants on.Collapse )
26th-Jan-2011 03:35 pm - The Emperor's New Camera
kickin' the door in

Where: The Photo Lab
When: Not too long after this conversation.
Who: Kuzco and Roxanne, Closed
What: Roxanne is setting Kuzco up with a camera for the Photograph 101 class.
Warnings: Kuzco being Kuzco.

It's clearly the best way to enter a room. Clearly.Collapse )

24th-Jan-2011 07:58 pm - Pillow talk (complete)
Lord and his Lady
Where: Hoover Hall, room 704
When: After this.
Who: Mozenrath and Meg (newlyweds, Meg just doesn't know it yet)
What: Meg tries to set some rules, Mozenrath sasses, they both snark, etc.
Warnings: Probably nothing. Maybe angst? Maybe PG-13 imagery?
Disclaimer: No, Mozenrath hasn't gone soft or gotten a heart - he just claimed a Queen. It's different. Though he probably should've run this by Hades first. Oops.

Ugh. Women and their 'talking' and their 'snuggling'...Collapse )
24th-Jan-2011 07:12 pm - Fly Me to The Moon
Well isn't that special~?
Who: Vidia and anyone interested in her class
What: First day of class~!
Where: The gym!
When: Today~
Warnings: Um, snark? Depends on who shows up.

And let me play among the stars...Collapse )
24th-Jan-2011 04:53 pm - Going to the Darkness for comfort
Who: Aqua and Xehanort/Ansem
What: Aqua worrying over Ven and Terra...the latter of whom she hadn't seen in a while. So where does she go for info?
Where: Ansem's room
When: Today~
Warnings: Angst and...Ansem is a warning in and of itself.

Aqua had been staring at Ansem's door for what seemed like an eternity now. She was nervous, worried and had been losing sleep over this. The Mist had made her restless and when Roxas came, even more so. She hadn't heard from Terra in ages, making her dreams turn into nightmares. Every night it was the same, replaying the dream training where Ven's lifeless body was at the steps of their home. Her holding Terra to her, waiting for his chest to rise and fall but it never came.

She would wake up at night in terror, reaching out to hold her friend but all her hand could grab was air. Part of her rationed that she was being ridiculous. Terra was alright, he had to be and if he weren't...someone would've said something about it. Then again her best friend was stubborn to a point where he would hide anything to prevent her from worrying over him. Maybe he was avoiding her? Or maybe....he left like Ven? No, he didn't...he would've said something..

Swallowing her nervousness she lightly knocked on Ansem's door.
24th-Jan-2011 12:01 am - Remember me, dammit! [complete]
Where: Dr. Facilier's office
When: After this.
Who: Dr. Facilier, Tulio and Miguel
What: Trying to get Miguel's memories back.
Warnings: Orgy Angst?

Can't we just hit him over the head?Collapse )
23rd-Jan-2011 11:15 pm(no subject)
§ affection :D
Where: All over!
When: Jane's first day
Who: Jane Porter and Astrid
What: Astrid is playing tour guide. Again!
Warnings: Nope

Astrid should become the official welcome committee.Collapse )
21st-Jan-2011 08:59 pm - For hoooly_ship
Where: Hoover Hall, room 605
When: Mid-Afternoon
Who: Miguel and Tulio (Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful gods)
What: Moving in
Warnings: Prepare your Linkin Park playlists, here comes angst.

It's good to be back.Collapse )
☄ [ evil runs rampant ]
Who: Roxanne, Megamind. Metro Man later if he feels so inclined.
What: Late night discussions, revelations, nightmares.
When: The middle of the night. Cause we're all sleeping so well.
Where: Above ground.
Warnings: Strangeling angst?

this whole thing depends on amnesia and madness--Collapse )
18th-Jan-2011 10:22 am - Visiting Miss Swann. [incomplete]
c;dark stare
Where: Above ground.
When: While Dr. Sweet is tending to the patients in the male bunker.
Who: Norrington, Elizabeth (and anyone else who dares to crash -- gtfo Sparrow)
What: With Dr. Sweet below Norrington has an opportunity to visit Elizabeth and see how she is doing during the ordeal of the mist.
Warnings: Angst, angst, angst and more angst. Maybe some angst.

Read more...Collapse )
17th-Jan-2011 09:47 pm(no subject)
Elisa, Partner-ship, Guardians
Who: Anybody headstrong enough to visit the opposite sex's bunker, but posessing enough forethought to wait for an escort.
What: Trips to the girls' bunker, escorted by Goliath. Trips to the boys' bunker escorted by IDK my bff Elisa?
When: At night. Like any of you can sleep.
Where: Between the male and female bunkers.

A thousand miles, or a single step?Collapse )
13th-Jan-2011 11:17 pm(no subject)
works fine under pressure.
Who: Dr. Delbert Doppler and Company
What: The good doctor's foolishness, mostly.
When: Thursday evening, January 13th
Where: The Academy's Library
Warnings: psychologically deep stuff I guess.

no warmer, no more bright...Collapse )
10th-Jan-2011 11:22 pm(no subject)
Who: Helga Sinclair, Audrey Ramirez, Vinny Santorini, Delbert Doppler, Elizabeth Swann, Miss Bianca (later)
What: The teachers search the underground tunnels, outlined by the map distrubited by the headmaster.
When: The day of the staff meeting
Where: The undergound tunnels
Warnings: May contain plot.

Miles underground... Feel familiar?Collapse )
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