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Disney Academy Log
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18th-Jul-2011 09:11 pm - 003 || [Closed to Jackie Chan]
intrepid explorer
Where: Traverse Town
When: Early Afternoon
Who: Elisa and Jackie
What: A quiet trip to Traverse Town takes an unexpected turn when Elisa and Jackie get caught up in a police investigation.
Warnings: Mild Violence and Thrilling Heroics

Despite the length of time that had passed since she'd left New York, Elisa continued to think of herself as a detective.Collapse )
6th-Jul-2011 09:59 pm - It's Sooomebody's Birthday!
[Blondie] Stolen cupcakes
Who: Rapunzel & Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
What: It's Rapunzel's 19th birthday! And somebody has something extra special planned for it. :3
When: July 6th, all day long~
Where: The Kingdom (of Corona?)
Warnings: Fluff. So. Much. Fluff.
OOC:Hika and I have been working on this for a bit, but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to wrap it up before she went out of town. BUT FEAR NOT, the adorableness is ongoing. :3

( This link goes to another location! )
1st-Jul-2011 01:17 pm - A Dualing Demonstration
Greetings Panda...
Who: Lord Shen and Tai Lung (plus any observers!)
What: A sparring match in hopes of interesting new students in advanced kung fu and weapons classes.
When: Noontime
Where: Botanical Gardens
Warnings: Everybody was kung fu fighting~ (At worst, Tai Lung will might get stabbed)

So who do you root for when they were both the bad guys?Collapse )
9th-Jun-2011 08:52 pm - Closed to gargoyle_of_red
Palace Prisoner
Who: Jasmine and Brooklyn
What: Statue!Brook is blocking the only door off the roof of the building.
When: Sunset, the day after the pirate attack.
Where: The roof of Hoover Hall
Warnings: Fluff, interspecies bonding, talk of Mozenrath maybe IT'S A LEGIT WARNING SHUT UP

Arabian Nights, like Arabian Days~Collapse )
28th-May-2011 01:54 am(no subject)
it's reading time.
Where; Mozenrath's fly crib
When; 5/28...
Who; Dr. D and Mozenrath
What; That there dream training
Warnings; ... A nerd getting imaginary-dissed? (No, but I have no idea.)

science fiction magic bolognaCollapse )
25th-May-2011 09:00 pm - Dream Training
Where: Dream Training room
When: May 25th
Who: lovewheniwin and oftheblacksand
What: Mandatory dream training for faculty
Warnings: Imagined death

The return of Lieutenant Sinclair with his two cadets had Rourke thinking for a while now about his own experiences with the Mist, or the lack thereof.  While his confident nature wants him to think that he's strong enough to resist any pull that the Mist might have on him, he would've thought the same about the Lieutenant but she's dealt with the Mist directly on several occasions and each time has left her shaken, to put it mildly.  He's always been one to advice his subordinates to never underestimate an enemy, so he isn't about to disregard his own good advice.

Dressed in his standard uniform, Rourke gives several knocks on the door where Mozenrath has been doing the dream training sessions.  He has an appointment but, like any good soldier, he's early.  No point in walking in if Mozenrath isn't prepared to administer the training.
9th-May-2011 01:44 pm - Confrontations
χ Waiting for the Master
Where: Ven's room
When: Day after prom
Who: Vanitas and Ventus
What: Guess who found out about a broken promise.
Warnings: None right now.

BooCollapse )
3rd-May-2011 12:17 am - Commendations
big grin
Where: In the Quad
When: Noon
Who: Commander Rourke and all ROTC/JROTC students
What: Awarding medals and promotions
Warnings: None

He's so proud...Collapse )
30th-Apr-2011 07:56 pm - Locked to Roxas
Where: Wherever Roxas is?
When: Late Afternoon
Who: Ventus and Roxas
What: Two derps talking about things
Warnings: None yet?

Read more...Collapse )
27th-Apr-2011 07:59 pm - Dream Training: Will
Where: Mozenrath's Laboratory
When: Evening
Who: Will and Mozenrath
What: Dream Training
Warnings: violence and disturbing imagery

It's something to do.Collapse )
21st-Apr-2011 08:45 am - DREAM TRAINING: TERRA
Where: Mozenrath's laboratory
When: Evening
Who: Mozenrath and Terra
What: Dream Training
Warnings: Violence and disturbing imagery.

Don't get burnt.Collapse )
20th-Apr-2011 06:18 am - Open to All.
Fight // Keyblade at the ready!
Where: Around the Stadium
When: 2 pm onwards, Day after this.
Who: Ventus and YOU.
What: Ven's using some keyblade practice to vent a little the day after Vanitas shows up. Come bother him?
Warnings: None yet?

A lot's on his mind, but it all circles back to one thing: Vanitas. His own personal stalker.Collapse )
18th-Apr-2011 08:51 pm - DREAM TRAINING: ALADDIN
poke & gloat
Where: Dr. Facilier's office
When: Evening
Who: Mozenrath and Aladdin
What: Dream Training
Warnings: Violence, sexuality and disturbing imagery.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...Collapse )
15th-Apr-2011 11:30 pm - Dinner! Locked to kisstheprince
Who: Ariel & Eric
What: Eric proposed that he and Ariel have a romantic dinner. Obviously, Ariel agreed. Wouldn't you?
When: Evening.
Where: The gazebo in the botanical gardens, under the stars.
Warnings: Tons of fluff?

Ariel was walking...Collapse )
12th-Apr-2011 09:37 pm(no subject)
Sneaky sneaky sneaky
Who: Jasmine, Mozenrath, Axel
What: Jas needs a breather, Moz follows her, Axel eventually stumbles upon them and isn’t very please about his toy in the hands of another kid.
When: Very late night, possible very early morning; after the Roxas and Axel post.
Where: Hundred Acre Woods
Warnings: Adult concepts, emotional distress, epic battles, angering Smokey the Bear

“/crunchCollapse )
7th-Apr-2011 08:30 am - CH-CH-CH-CHAAANGES
[Tulio] This is going to be a horrible i
Who: Flynn, Tulio
What: Flynn's buddy's lost all his memories, and they kind of lied about saying he'd gotten some back to keep Rapunzel from killing him. SO NOW FLYNN FILLS HIM IN. Over drinks.
When: Last night, April 6th. Evening.
Where: Starting in the hall just outside their rooms.
Warnings: Drinking, idiots.

Swooping is.. bad.Collapse )
6th-Apr-2011 05:35 am(no subject)
Real thing ♥ I'm not afraid,unlike you
Who: Mera, Xehanort
What: Xehanort's return from the rescue
When: Who knows how long it took them to get out?
Where: Starting in the hall just outside Lottie's dorm.
Warnings: Angst, emo modes, and father/son bonding times.

"If only, if only," the woodpecker sighs...Collapse )
3rd-Apr-2011 09:53 pm - first date.
slightly amused
Where: The art room
When: Dated to the evening of April 2nd
Who: Dave and Jane Porter
What: "I got a date with a girl 'cause I'm awesome!"
Warnings: ...first date-ness?

Dave is pretty pleased with himself.Collapse )
Who: Astrid, Hiccup, Lieutenant Sinclair
What: Another rescue, in this case, from Astrid's worst nightmare.
When: Who knows what time it is in this place? Really.
Where: The Dragon's Nest, in "Berk."
Warnings: Angst, Hiccup in protective gear, sleeping DRAGOOONS! Plus if you're a massive wuss like me, it might get kind of sad. I almost cried writing this thanks to mood music, and it's not even sad- Annnd now there's a bit of gore!

Kiss my lovely arsse as I walk away.
Who: Elizabeth Swann and James Norrington
What: A rescue, delving into a nightmare where titles can break spirits.
When:  When you look out the window, the sun casts orange wraiths across the ocean.
Where: You are aboard a ship.  There's a portrait in the corner and suddenly... you know exactly where you are.
Warnings: Emotional trauma, mentioning of death, just.... all around, not good.

Upon her taking, she had descended into hell.  Yet there was so much time that had been robbed from her, and as a fair price for a gift she found herself shackled.  Fitting, perhaps, of her crimes.
In Singapore, they had been ambushed. Sao Feng...Collapse )


1st-Apr-2011 09:36 am - King for a day [complete]
Where: "Spain"
When: Late afternoon, near sunset.
Who: Tulio and Miguel
What: Tulio's greatest desire.
Warnings: Orgy Angst.

I loved Spain so much I BOUGHT it!Collapse )
1st-Apr-2011 02:11 am - Where the Heart Is [Complete]
♡ Brothers [Disney Academy Exclusive]
Who: Xehanort, Terra, Aqua and Xion
What: An attempted rescue; a journey to a young man's greatest wish.
When: Late afternoon
Where: A cottage in the woods, in appearance, at least
Warnings: Possible mentions of inhumane experimentation; emotional trauma

Home is where the heart is, but only if you have oneCollapse )
24th-Mar-2011 10:32 pm(no subject)
Girl talk
Who: Roxas and Jasmine
What: Oopsy daisy- Roxas now knows EVERYTHING. Wot.
When: Voodoo week
Where: Roxas' Room
Warnings: Intense emotions, mentioning of non-con sexual activity, angst, derping.

Drama Llama~Collapse )
19th-Mar-2011 09:24 pm - Heart over Head [complete]
Where: Outside
When: Pre-Voodoo, sometime in the afternoon
Who: Tulio and Rapunzel
What: Tulio let's his heart do the thinking again, Rapunzel saves the day.
Warnings: Orgy Some blood?

Why can't I just listen to my head?Collapse )
10th-Mar-2011 04:43 pm(no subject)
walking.  running.  SHOOM.
Who: Jasmine and Axel
Where: Axel's dorm room
What: Jasmine having an emotional breakdown and needing his "help"
When: Backdated to a day or two after this
Warnings: It's Jasmine and Axel. The Princess in Pain and the Neverending Jackass. WHO KNOWS.

Jasmine could of sworn she screamed as she suddenly awoke. But Alana didn't wake. It was all in her head, though as vivid and loud in her ears as if it really happened.

It was another nightmare. Luckily, it wasn't one that was directly Mozenrath-induced, though he undoubtedly caused it. She could still see the pained faces of Goliath and Elisa as they were slowly killed by the sorcerer, their strong wills broken as death stared them in the face and then dragged them down; Mozenrath had laughed, mocked, and insulted them the entire time, taking immense pleasure in not only their misery, but also the Princess's as she helplessly watched, trapped behind the magicked confines of an hourglass.

She could practically feel the vibrations of their screams and yells in her heart still, as it beat too fast. Tears streamed down her face as she sat up and winced, catching her breath. Before she knew what she was doing, she had slipped on her shoes and threw a large silk scarf around her shoulders, and ran out of the room.

Her destination? Axel's dorm. Fear panicked her, for Mozenrath was in the same building, though she had so idea what level; should he find her on her way, he could possibly discover Axel... and, in turn, he may have joined the same ranks that Goliath and Elisa had in her dreams... though, perhaps, for real.

Three loud knocks on his door.

Jasmine tried to catch her breath, which was choked dry-sobbing; her legs hurt from sprinting, and her body involuntarily trembled. And to make matters worse? The scarf didn't do nearly enough to hide her badly bruised and battered body, even in the dark.
7th-Mar-2011 04:49 pm - Dream Training: Jasmine
breathe in my special powder
Who: Dr. Facilier and Jasmine
What: Dream Training for the Princess
Where: Dr. Facilier's office
Warnings: JAFAR. YEAH.

The pair of tiki torches burning outside the door to Dr. Facilier's office illuminated the slight crack in the door -- it was ajar, as though beckoning Jasmine inside. What little of the room was visible seemed to be lit by a dim, orange light. Anywhere else it would have seemed cozy and comforting, but here it was somehow sinister and unsettling. But hey, come on in, Princess. It's time you formally met the Doctor.
4th-Mar-2011 10:52 pm - oops.
kicked puppy face
Where: Aqua's room; Astrid's room
When: Dated to the afternoon of March 4th
Who: Dave, Aqua, and Astrid
What: Dave reappears in all the wrong places.
Warnings: FAILED MAGIC...?

Dave reappears in a room that is not his own.Collapse )
3rd-Mar-2011 06:29 pm - he's my best friend!
What: Astrid's birthday gift to Hiccup is kiiind of unconventional.
Where: From the dorms to Puck's office, seeing as how Astrid doesn't expect him to do her any favours by coming to her instead.
When: Backdated to Hiccup's birthday, the 23rd of Feb.
Who: Puck, Hiccup and Astrid.
Warnings: Probably massive failure and an abundance of disappointment. Best birthday ever!

best of all best friends, do you have a best friend too?Collapse )
1st-Mar-2011 02:45 pm(no subject)
What: Commander Rourke addressing his would be cadets
Where: In the Quad at 7 am on the dot...be late if you dare
When: March 1st
Who: Rourke and anyone who would be interested in joining the ROTC (even if you didn't tag in his return thread)
Warnings:  DISCIPLINE!!!

For the last couple of days there have been fliers hanging on bulletin boards and next to the doors of various classrooms with a stern looking Uncle Sam leaning forward and pointing directly at you.  Yes, you.  He wants you.  'Uncle Sam Wants You' in bold letters before the rest of the message, in a slightly smaller font.  'To join the ROTC'.  Further down, the flier stated for all prospective members to meet on the quad at 0700...7 am was written next to it in parenthesis.

Like any good military man, Rourke had arrived early to the quad.  Standing there in the freshly pressed uniform and hat, he was still as a statue as he awaited the arrival of his cadets.

((OOC - Pretty much a party post for the most part until later when I'll do a post of him addressing everyone.  Have your character either approach Rourke or chit chat with one another about your expectations.))
27th-Feb-2011 04:18 pm(no subject)
What: Roxas finding Jas in the common room of his and Axel's dorm- awksauce and hilarity shall possibly ensue~
Where: Roxas and Axel's room, 502 in Hoover
When: After this
Who: Roxas, Axel and Jasmine
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, as well as whatever else Axel decides to bring up. Yeesh.

the morning after- this guy makes it ten times more awkwardCollapse )
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